A Handmade Birthday Card

DIY Extra Large Birthday Card

Extra large birthday cards can be extra hard to find, and extra expensive. So when a friend of mine was having trouble finding a really big card for a special birthday, he ended up asking me for some help. I’m the type who hates to spend money on cards, they get looked at for a couple minutes and tossed in trash. I’d much rather spend a little time and make one myself. If you’re looking to make you’re own big birthday card, this post’s for you! Continue reading

A Year of Patterns: 2016 – 2017

2016 turned out to be one of the most artistically productive years of my life. I created around 85 pattern designs and turned drawing into a daily habit, something I have wanted to cultivate since I was in art school over ten years ago!

Continue reading

Designing My Hand Print

I am very excited to share a new design this week which features a hand motif. This design is trend inspired, as you will see from my mood board below. However, it is also inspired by my avoidance of drawing hands. I have always had a difficult time drawing them, and if I notice myself avoiding something then that tells me it’s time to work on it. Continue reading

Look At Me: Pattern in Progress

I can’t help but collect designs that I find interesting, beautiful, and cutting edge. This week I’m looking at eyes. The eye as a motif is so interesting, slightly weird, but all the way amazing. I love a little strange in my art so these are really shining for me. It is definitely a trend I want to be part of and add my voice to. Continue reading

Zen Kimono Design

I have a spoonflower shop where I sell my designs and the best way I’ve found to get my work in front of people is to enter their monthly contests.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 9.39.02 PMThis month the theme is Japanese Garden and the winning design is to be paired with a Sprout kimono pattern.  For my take on the theme, I was inspired by zen rock gardens. The lines in the sand like stripes on a cloth, though I read they are meant to symbolize water. Continue reading

Making a Pinapple Pattern Design

I find the story behind how a work of art came about as interesting as the work itself. There is art in the process, not just the final product. So part of what I like to share is how I make the things I make, and how I experiment with different ideas. For my pineapple pattern, I decided to come at it from two different angles. Continue reading

Creative Block Challenge

I’ve been reading Creative Block by Danielle Krysa, (the Jealous Curator) which has many many great ideas for boosting creativity. This wonderfully inspiring book includes interviews, artwork and project ideas from 50 contemporary artists. Continue reading

Exploring Motifs: Bogolanfini

So far I have studied pattern motifs from France and Austria, this week I left Europe for Africa to learn about the ancient Bogolanfini patterns of Mali. The Bogolanfini have been created using iron rich mud as dye since around 1200-1400 CE.

These beautiful garments are full of tradition and encrypted meaning.  Continue reading

Pattern Inspiration: A Jungnickel Jungle

The Wiener Werkstatte of the early 20th century had many great designers like Josef Hoffmann, Koloman MoserDagobert Peche, and my personal favorite, Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel. Continue reading