Japanese Kimono Design: 1920 – 1940

This! This gorgeous collection of Kimonos from the Rijks Museum is an example of the amazing work available through online museum catalogues. With a growing trend in Japanese inspired design, these kimonos provide an excellent source of inspiration, that I hope you’ll enjoy!

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A Year of Patterns: 2016 – 2017

2016 turned out to be one of the most artistically productive years of my life. I created around 85 pattern designs and turned drawing into a daily habit, something I have wanted to cultivate since I was in art school over ten years ago!

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Rug Love Affair

I’m forever searching for the perfect rug, but I never seem to be able to decide on one. Here are some of my current top contenders.

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The Floral Designs of E. A. Seguy

I have died and gone to pattern heaven, and now I’m inviting you along for the ride. I stumbled upon the work of Eugene Alain Seguy last night while researching art nouveau textiles. Born in France in 1890, Seguy was entomologist specializing in Diptera (two-winged insects) and an artist who created gorgeous books of patterns and illustrations.  Continue reading

Christmas comes early for Surface Designers

As a surface designers, and certainly in many other professions, creating products for the Christmas season happens months in advance. I, however, find it very hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s 90+ degrees where I live.  Continue reading

Pattern Trend: The Brush Stroke Repeat

A trend that I am loving right now in the pattern design world is the use of simple painted brush strokes. Organic, handmade, artistic, minimal, yet bold these designs are a feast for the eyes.

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Pattern Trend: Western Inspired Motifs

In my Inbox last week, the Pattern Observer newsletter included a brief trend report of Western-inspired looks for Spring/Summer 2018. One trip to Target confirmed that things are moving in this direction. I saw Aztec inspired and boho-chic designs everywhere.

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New Fabric Collection: Tropical Harvest

I am so excited to share my newest collection, Tropical Harvest! It is a hodgepodge of inspiration with elements from personal photographs, doodles, vintage ads, and simple shapes, all pulled together with a beautiful color palette.   Continue reading

Designing My Hand Print

I am very excited to share a new design this week which features a hand motif. This design is trend inspired, as you will see from my mood board below. However, it is also inspired by my avoidance of drawing hands. I have always had a difficult time drawing them, and if I notice myself avoiding something then that tells me it’s time to work on it. Continue reading