The Best of the Rijks Studio Design Award

The Rijks Studio announced their top 75 designs for the 2017 award, and I am blown away by the creativity and variety of the submitted work. If you aren’t familiar with this award, for the past three years, the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam has had an open call for artists and designers to use the Museum’s collection as inspiration to create a personal masterpiece.

From their website:

“Anyone can take part and all art forms are allowed, as long as the design is based on a piece from the Rijksmuseum collection and includes images from Rijksstudio.”

The competition received 2600 entries and shared the top 75 on their website. The top 30 will be published early March. Here are three of my top picks:


Left: Ruffle Neck Pillow by Paulina Sikorska & Kuba Ludziejewski

Right: William I, Prince of Oranje, Adriaen Thomasz. Key, c. 1579


Left: Portrait of a Girl Dressed in Blue, Johannes Cornelisz. Verspronck, 1641

Right: Masterpieces never sleep by Lesha Limonov


Left: Bonnetphones by Arthur Schmidt

Right: Portrait of Margriet Benningh (1565-1641), Nicolaes Eliasz. Pickenoy (attributed to), c. 1629 – c. 1640 

Check out the rest of the top 75 submissions here. Featured image by Cathrin Hoffmann

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