Christmas comes early for Surface Designers

As a surface designers, and certainly in many other professions, creating products for the Christmas season happens months in advance. I, however, find it very hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s 90+ degrees where I live. 

2016-08-18 13.49.22

My son, perfectly expressing how I feel in the heat.

Fortunately, Spoonflower hosted a vintage Christmas theme contest this month. Just the motivation I needed to get to work on some Christmasy goodness.

Here’s what I came up with:


I decided to go with an woodsy ornament design. Ornaments can be anything, so there’s was lots of room to explore different motifs and build a collection.


Since the theme was vintage, I choose traditional reds and greens with some browns mixed in for the wood element. I usually like to experiment more with color palettes so going traditional was an unusual choice for me, but one that felt right.


After a couple weeks of drawing I ended up with 30 unique ornaments! There are a few in there that I would love to make into actually ornaments (hello snowman!).


Overall, I am very happy with the results, and I’m looking forward to some beautifully coordinated gifts this year.

cardinal web

These will be available in my Spoonflower shop as gift wrap and fabric in time for Christmas!



P.S. I couldn’t leave that terrible picture as the only impression of my precious little man, so I’ll finish with a better shot…


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