New Fabric Collection: Tropical Harvest

I am so excited to share my newest collection, Tropical Harvest! It is a hodgepodge of inspiration with elements from personal photographs, doodles, vintage ads, and simple shapes, all pulled together with a beautiful color palette.  


This is the focal print and star of the collection. I wanted this collection to have a subtle vintage vibe to it, so I began by researching magazine ads from the 1920s – 1970s online. Flickr is one of my favorite archives for vintage imagery, and I found a lot of great inspiration there.


I fell in love with the colors in the German advertisement above, and the sun shape was inspired by the Parliament ad below.


Most of the other shapes are simple sketches I made on my Ipad, except for the light purple shapes floating through the design which were inspired by a photograph I took of a pinecone!


After playing with the composition of the pattern and putting everything together, it was time to pull it apart again to create the companion prints.

Harvest trees…

Harvest Trees pattern design

Harvest Sun…

Harvest Sun-01

Flamingo’s in Flight…


and Harvest Rain…


I also created this fun little pattern filled room to test out how the patterns flow together.


This little collection was such a joy to create, I hope you love it too!




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