Zen Kimono Design

I have a spoonflower shop where I sell my designs and the best way I’ve found to get my work in front of people is to enter their monthly contests.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 9.39.02 PMThis month the theme is Japanese Garden and the winning design is to be paired with a Sprout kimono pattern.  For my take on the theme, I was inspired by zen rock gardens. The lines in the sand like stripes on a cloth, though I read they are meant to symbolize water.


The asymmetry of the rocks next to the balance of the lines is really beautiful to me. I decided to make a similarly balanced design with the surprise of little geometric rocks.


To test how the design will look, I created an outline of the kimono shape in illustrator and filled it with my design. All I can say is that I want one. kimonomodel2-01

If you are on Spoonflower and want to test out your design, feel free to use the png outline below (personal use only please).





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