Creative Block Challenge

I’ve been reading Creative Block by Danielle Krysa, (the Jealous Curator) which has many many great ideas for boosting creativity. This wonderfully inspiring book includes interviews, artwork and project ideas from 50 contemporary artists.


I was particularly drawn to Project No. 13 from Trey Speegle. He suggests creating a black and white drawing, making multiple photocopies of it, then altering the image in as many ways as you can think of using different media.

9 sexy lady square500x500
A quick pencil sketch I created that could use some color.

I love playing with art supplies, and I love the idea of recreating one image multiple ways. I believe creativity can thrive with repetition. Tiny changes start taking place with each repeat causing the design to evolve into something new. Speegle suggests working with 50 copies, which makes me think he might not have small children demanding to eat every two hours. I have a 6 month old and a 4 year old, I made 9.

Gouache is a new material for me. I’m encouraged to work with it again and see if I can improve my skills.
Photoshop is a tool I’ve been using for a long time, no surprise this one turned out to be my favorite.
Playdough was the least successful. It’s like Daphne got run over by a steamroller! Terrible, just terrible, but fun to make.


From left to right: gouache, nail polish, photoshop, marker, crayon, collage, playdough, acrylic, adobe illustrator

I truly loved this little project. It helped illustrate for me where my strengths are, how important high quality art tools can be, and made me try some new materials.

Such a great exercise and one I highly recommend. Even Lux was able to participate.




P.S. Trey Speegle’s work is awesome, check out his website, then watch this interview.

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