Pattern Inspiration: A Jungnickel Jungle

The Wiener Werkstatte of the early 20th century had many great designers like Josef Hoffmann, Koloman MoserDagobert Peche, and my personal favorite, Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel.

ludwigheinrichjungnickel-1913-textiledesign4Jungnickel’s designs are so strangely beautiful.

00JungnickelEvery space is filled with interesting shapes and details.

004jungnickelSeeing his work, I knew I wanted to create a pattern inspired by it. I immediately began sketching.

PostsketchThe Wiener Werkstatte encouraged experimentation, so I did some experimentation of my own. I cut up construction paper shapes similar to some of Jungnickel’s designs and began playing with the composition.

Postconstruction2From here I decided to go vector. I considered using the construction paper shapes in photoshop to create my final design, but the lack of control over the color led me to recreate it in Illustrator.

2016-01-15 07.22.24A little snapshot of the monkey taking shape.

postbirds.jpgAnd the birds from sketch to final vector image.

PatternThe design changed a lot throughout the entire process, drifting away from the inspirational image. I am extremely satisfied with the final result though. It’s so different than anything I would have come up with had I not learned about Jungnickel and the Wiener Werkstatte.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into how this pattern came to be! All Jungnickel images courtesy the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts.



p.s. This pattern will be available for sale in my Spoonflower shop.

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