The textile artists of the Wiener Werkstatte 

00fab20 The Wiener Werkstatte, or Vienna Workshop, were a group of artists and designers in the early part of the 20th century who manufactured their own home goods including furniture, textiles, porcelain, and glass.

0000fabThey had a high standard for quality while encouraging creativity. This can be seen in the huge variety of work the 100 or so designers created from the company’s inception in 1903 until they closed in 1932.

000fab2The Weiner Werkstatte produced both woven textiles and block printed fabrics. Block printing methods allowed for designs unrestricted by the wrap and weft which led to for more experimental patterns.

00fabThe artisans of the Wiener Werkstatte were influenced by numerous art movements that were happening at that time; fauvism, primitivism, the arts and crafts movement. They would in turn influence Art Deco.

00fab5Despite having been created over 80 years, many of the designs feel like they could have been made for today’s market. 00fabjungIf you’re interested in learning more about the company and see examples of their work visit the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts online collection of more than 20,000 objects!

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