Monday Morning Link Out


  • biosphere2 looks like the place to visit if ever in Arizona. 

“…a tightly sealed glass and steel structure on 3.15 acres near Oracle, Arizona in which scientists have created seven complete ecosystems or biomes that mirror those of Earth. The systems include an ocean, a desert, a savannah, a rainforest, a marsh, an area of intensive agriculture and a human habitat. The project is designed to last for 100 years, providing valuable data for research and education to help scientists better understand how our world works. “


“London-based artist Rich McCor takes touristy photos and turns the tradition on its creative head using humor, artistic skill, his surroundings and a finely tuned eye for possibility.”


  • Here is a simple tool for generating color palettes from photographs. If you like the tool, then you’ll love the website Design Seed.


“This book is for the pattern geek in all of us. Have you ever wondered where stripes, plaids and polka dots came from? Do you squeal with nostalgia when you see a certain fabric or wallpaper pattern from your childhood? Do you wonder about the different kinds of patterns or some of the unwritten rules of pattern making? If so, I guarantee you will love this book.”


  • For any knitters out there – make your own Netflix socks that pause your show if you fall asleep.

“Using an accelerometer to detect when a person has stopped moving, the socks send a signal to their television once the viewer is asleep using built-in infrared LEDs. ”  via.

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