100 days of Patterns Completed!

What might you accomplish in 30 minutes for 100 days?

I first learned about the 100 days project from The Jealous Curator’s podcast “Art for Your Ear.”  The podcast is an interview with artist Mary Kate McDevitt, who was at the time working on a daily project of quirky drawings of people and pets. I was immediately intrigued with the idea and decided to come up with my own project to share on Instagram. The timing was perfect, I was looking for a simple way to keep up with my creativity after my little boy was born. Something that would keep me creating everyday, but that wouldn’t require a lot of brain power.

I stuck with it, learned some new tricks, and now have a lovely collection of patterns to work with further. My favorites will be sold in my Spoonflower shop, the others were great practice and who knows how they may be used in the future. Overall, this was a great project, one I highly recommend.


There they are all together! What could you create in 100 days?



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