Walking for Inspiration

But the beauty is in the walking – we are betrayed by destinations.” – Gwyn Thomaspath_less_followed

Today is a beautiful day, perfect for a picnic in the gardens.

I snap photos, while Lux leads the way through winding paths surrounded by lush green foliage. We are searching for the perfect spot to eat our lunch.


We come across some beautiful blown glass floating among the flowers. There is a new sculpture exhibition in the gardens today. We sit nearby, where we can look at the colorful glass while we munch.

Actual Proof by Jonathan Davis

After our picnic, we’re on a hunt to find all the new sculptures. I love the ceramic ladies swimming in the lily ponds.

Sofie Kennedy

Lux chooses an abstract white marble piece as her favorite. It won best in show, so I feel this is proof of her good taste.

succulent 2

Next we head through the woods and across a bridge to her favorite part of the gardens.

wooden slats path

A large stick work structure perfect for playing a little game of hide and go seek. 

Patrick Dougherty

We chase each other through the thicket, laughing and screaming.

Hide and seek

Hours fly by as we explore until at last we are ready to go home, inspired by art and nature.



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