100 Day Project


One of my goals in this process of giving myself creative challenges is to manifest a habit of creating art. I’ve been doing a lot of research into creativity recently as a way of finding my own path to a more fulfilling and artistically productive lifestyle. The more I read about creativity and the process of making art, the more I see the formation of creative habits as a common theme. So this got me thinking about how I could form my own habits.

How can I make acts of creativity part of my everyday routine?

With a new baby due any day now, I knew I needed a simple project, something I can easily do everyday as a way of developing creative habit without loosing my sanity. From my research on creativity I have learned that limitations lead to better ideas. The best solution seems to be a daily project with a loose set of rules to follow.

The next thing to figure out was what I want to improve. This is hard to narrow done, I want to improve my drawing skills, my knowledge of color, my ability to brainstorm great ideas, my writing. This list goes on and on.

In researching various 365 / 100 days / 52 week projects I came across Alea Toussaint and Seth Nickerson, both of whom use these types of projects to create amazing daily patterns. When I saw their work, I knew that a daily pattern was exactly what I wanted to do for my project. I could improve my pattern making skills and generate ideas to build my collection of surface designs. 

My plan is to use found objects and digital manipulation to create patterns to share each day for 100 days. I think that using found objects will influence my digitally and hand drawn patterns in interesting ways and the daily act of creating patterns will encourage me to create more designs in general. Keeping my focus on surface design and illustration.

I will occasionally be sharing the patterns here, while sharing them daily on my Instagram account. I am really excited to see where this takes me. Thanks for coming along for the ride.



A couple more great daily pattern projects here and here.

*Update* – See the completed project here.


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