Pattern Making in 3D

My three year old, Lux, has a set of geometric pattern blocks that I thought would be a great tool for me to practice making surface designs without using the computer or a sketchbook. So, I sat down today to see what I could come up with. I told myself to be loose and play, to not think too much. That’s easier said than done. Here are my first few patterns:



I was struggling with being playful until Lux decided to join me. I let her be the director, placing my shapes in the same pattern she did and suddenly it became much more fun.


I hadn’t even thought of stacking the shapes until she did. Her designs were fluid, where mine felt rigid. I wish she would have played for longer. She only made about 3 patterns before she was finished, off to play something else.


I decided to translate my favorite of her patterns into a fabric design using Adobe Illustrator. I wasn’t crazy about the primary colors, so I changed them to something Lux would like more. I also played around with the layout until I found something I really liked. I kept Lux’s original pattern grouping together, while rotating it to create a sense of movement.

Here’s the final piece:


I love that this is a collaborative piece that Lux and I created together. Children are so inspiring. This piece has been added to my Spoonflower shop, and may just become a springboard for my next collection.

I hope you are inspired to play with patterns today!



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