Creative Challenge: Memories as Art

I’ve been waiting for the perfect idea to come along since I first learned that Staples makes super cheap, large scale engineering prints. The only limitation being that the prints must be black and white. While a photo could work, I wanted something simpler to test it out. So, I came up with the idea of creating a larger scale, handwritten letter.

As the self appointed memory keeper in my family, I am very fortunate to still have several letters which my late grandmother, Chickie, wrote to me when I was in college. Having her loving words and beautiful handwriting on the wall seemed like the best possible thing I could look at every day.

I scanned three of the letters which I particularly love, and imported them into photoshop. I then removed all the color and upped the contrast so that I had a crisp black and white image. I took my favorite lines from each and compiled them into one long letter, enlarged to 36 x 48 inches.

I went online, emailed my files to Staples and the print was ready to pick up the next day. I will say that the paper is very thin, it has to be framed or else it will be easily destroyed, but for less than $8.00 I’m not complaining. Once I framed the print it looked great.

This is now one of my favorite pieces in my house. It’s like Chick and I made it together. I feel close to her every time I see her handwriting. It’s better than a photograph, because reading her words is almost like hearing her voice. Her words make me feel strong and loved. That’s some powerful art to have on your walls. Love invoking art.

I really hope this inspires you to create your own art from letters or other items you may have tucked away in a memory box. I rarely look through all the old photos and keepsakes I have from my past, but I look at this artwork all the time and just feel happy.






P.S. This is what the letter says, in case you have trouble reading it:

Hello Luv! How’s it going? Hope all is well with you. It has rained so much here, we are about to build an ark! My welcome home yesterday was a big black snake slithering across my front stoop! Just think – you will get to see our lovely hills in all their fall glory! Any time you want to chat, call me collect. I really miss you! Take time for some fun & don’t do anything I wouldn’t enjoy! Take care, be happy, & remember I love you and am very proud of you! Love Nanny

P.S.S. I am not affiliated with Staples in any way, I just like a good deal. :)

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