Digital Life as Art: Part 3

Creative Challenge Completed: App Messages

For the Digital Life as Art Creative Challenge, I decided to limit myself to using only my iPhone to create a social media work of art. I began by brainstorming ways of creating with the phone beyond taking and manipulating pictures. From this limitation, came the idea to create messages by arranging app icons into words and phrases, adding background images to further illustrate the idea.

Each message was created solely on my phone screen, with the exception of the frame around the images which was added later using Photoshop. Each picture was taken with the phone camera and set as a background image on the home screen. The icons where individually downloaded and arranged into messages, and then a final screen shot was taken on the phone. The final image was only then taken into photoshop and given a frame for context. 

timecalmpaintdanceghandi beach_loveread rest

I hope you enjoyed this challenge as much as I did! For more information about this challenge you can read Parts One and Two here and here.

Happy Making,


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