Digital Life as Art: Part Two

Artistic Inspiration

Part One of this Creative Challenge outlined some ideas and working processes behind creating a work of art using the internet and social media as a medium or source material. For this part of the challenge, I have collected some thought provoking examples of contemporary artists who are already creating around this concept.

Social Media & Internet Art


  • Victoria Siemer is a Brooklyn based graphic designer who pairs photographs with computer malfunction imagery to explore heartbreak in the modern age.



  • Nastya Nudnik takes the symbols of social media out of their original context and places them into famous works of art, like these Edward Hopper paintings to express the emotions of the subjects in modern terms.
  • Rachel Perry Welty is an American artist living in Boston who explores the mundane items of everyday life. One piece in particular that focuses on social media is her work titled Rachel is. This performance piece required that she update her Facebook status every minute for 16 hours on March 11, 2009, effectively using her Facebook page as the medium through which she created her art.


  • Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai are a design agency which created a series of ads for UN women in 2013. The ads pair real google autocomplete search results over the mouths of women revealing the discrimination and stereotyping that still exists today.
  • Another intriguing ad series, this one from DDB Singapore Agency for the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation, recreates Facebook, Twitter and Instagram logos as hands holding breasts with the tag line “If only you checked your breasts as often.”

flora Borsi

  • Flora Borsi is a Hungarian artist who takes photoshop off the screen and into the physical world in her portrait series titled Photoshop in Real Life
  • Penelope Umbrico’s work examines the absurdities of consumerism through the creation collections of internet imagery around various subject matters. Some example include sunset photos from flickr, views through windows on home improvement sites, and images of universal remotes for sale on Ebay.


  • Anna Russett is a new media artist from Chicago who works with video, photography, text and code to create internet and social media art around millennial-focused themes. One especially interesting project, I heart instagram, shows portraits of women covered in often derogatory comments from the sites users.
  •  For even more, here’s an article of 25 internet artists.

Still not sure what you might want to create?

Check out the hashtag #emojisinthewild on instagram for a fun and simple project you can add your own work to.  One particularly good example comes from Peechaya Burroughs.


If you try this project, or know of any other great internet art to share, I would love to hear about it. Please feel free to add links in the comment section. I do check for spam, so allow a couple days for your comment to appear.

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